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While supporting dead Windows 10 Mobile OS in our app, we can't use latest Windows SDK and enhanced UI components for desktop/tablet app version. Should we terminate Windows 10 Mobile app support?
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Do you want a version of ECoS Cab for:
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Your version of ECoS command station
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Your version of OS
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Your device form-factor
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What this app does

The ECoS Cab app allows a user to remotely control his ESU ECoS command stations. Using the ECoS Cab app, a user can browse, operate, edit and delete items from his command stations.

Information collected, processed, stored, or transmitted

The ECoS Cab app stores a list of IP addresses of user's command stations, user preferences, a list of recently used items, and user collections in profiles.
Windows: Locally on user device or roaming within a user Microsoft account.
Android: Locally on user device.

Use of information

The information collected is used only to enable use of the ECoS Cab app.

Choice and control

The ECoS Cab app allows a user to delete all profiles data from his device(s).

Applies to Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Google Android 4.4+

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