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While supporting dead Windows 10 Mobile OS in our app, we can't use latest Windows SDK and enhanced UI components for desktop/tablet app version. Should we terminate Windows 10 Mobile app support?
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Do you want a version of ECoS Cab for:
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Your version of ECoS command station
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Your version of OS
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Your device form-factor
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ECoS Cab is an application that turns your devices into a handheld controllers for your model railroad.

With ECoS Cab you can follow your trains around your layout without having to worry about plugging and unplugging a wired device as you move along. Using a wireless network connection and an ECoS command station from ESU connected to the network, ECoS Cab can be used to run trains and for controlling signals, turnouts and other accessories that are configured in the command station.

App packages for Windows Phone 7.* and Windows 8.* are removed from Windows Store. They are not supp ... Read more »
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As there are some complains from users last time, let's clear the situation about application ta ... Read more »

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Last time many users report problems with updating buttons state while function switching. It' ... Read more »

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Application support for Windows Phone 7/8 and Windows 8.1 is discontinued.

The Wind ... Read more »

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As the ESU team stated there are huge changes to Ecos PC communication protocol since f ... Read more »

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