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Connecting ECoS Cab to your model railroad is very easy. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be ready to run trains in no time.

  • Connect your command station* by ethernet to a wireless access point. This could well be the same access point you use for your household.
  • Connect your device to your wireless access point.
  • Launch ECoS Cab and add a new profile.
  • Type in your command station’s IP address at the Profile settings page and save.
  • You’re ready to go.

* Supported command stations:

  • ESU ECoS 3, art. 50210
  • ESU ECoS 2, art. 50200
  • ESU CabControl, art. 50310
  • ESU ECoS, art. 50000 (not fully tested)
  • PIKO SmartBox

To make application Windows version work correctly you MUST turn ON the "Enable legacy mode" option in ECoS settings ("Setup 3" tab), since from firmware version 4.0 ECoS changed the event notifications workflow.

To use the application in remote connection mode (i.e. to control ECoS via internet) you have to:

  • turn on the "Use remote connection" option in the Profile settings
  • specify Address as the DDNS address of your router
  • enable port forwarding in your router
  • specify your router port forwarded to your ECoS port 15471 (used by default)
  • specify your router port forwarded to your ECoS port 80 for access to ECoS's built-in web-server

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