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While supporting dead Windows 10 Mobile OS in our app, we can't use latest Windows SDK and enhanced UI components for desktop/tablet app version. Should we terminate Windows 10 Mobile app support?
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Do you want a version of ECoS Cab for:
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Your version of ECoS command station
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Your device form-factor
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1. Carlos v Groot Battavé   (08.12.2016 13:24) E-mail
Country: Nederland | City: Nieuwegein

2. Martin   (29.03.2017 18:42)
Great work so far, as an IOS developer I know how much hard work you have put into this.
Country: UK

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3. Matt Sawtell   (02.04.2019 08:02) E-mail
I am wondering if there is an app that you have developed for the Piko Smart Box and Smart Controller.

Would be the same as the ESU CabControl.

Country: Australia | City: Sth Penrith


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